3 thoughts on “Bunnies come to Flannelberry Farm!”

  1. They shed – essentially. It’s much the same process as the sheep and they will have to be plucked!

    It’s a bit easier than the sheep in that there’s no lanolin to clean from the fibre. It can be plucked, picked free of straw etc, carded and spun.

    They’re adorable!

  2. Hi. I used to have an angora rabbitry. The bunnies sit in your lap (the compliant ones) and are plucked. The angora is fairly short staple, slippery and really wonderful to spin once you find the right spin and speed. Washing isn’t necessary, nor carding most of the time, just picking through it, laying it out nearby the wheel an spinning/plying. The whites died beautifully to soft colours. Memories…..

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